GoogleSyndication Hits Analyzer 1.0: GoogleSyndication Hits Analyzer - Analyze Adwords Content Network efficiency

GoogleSyndication Hits Analyzer 1.0

Analyze Adwords Content Network efficiency with GoogleSyndication Hits Analyzer - Now you can easily find out which sites from Adwords Content Network are just wasting your money and block these sites from Adwords control panel. This will also increase hits from relevant sites by spending your daily budget more efficiently.

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Froogie Froogle Submit 1.8: Submit your products to the Froogle data feed.

Froogie Froogle Submit 1.8

Froogie is the fastest way to submit your products to Googles online store Froogle. Froogie lets you create and manage Froogle data feeds containing your product information. Easily add new products or import an existing Froogle data feed, validate links, and upload your data feed to Froogle. Froogie provides an easy Wizard style interface. With just a few clicks, you can create your Froogle compatible data feed and upload your products.

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The Placement Meister 1.0: The Placement Meister The source for cheap Google traffic. 340% more traffic ..

The Placement Meister 1.0

The Placement Meister The ultimate source for cheap Google traffic. 340% more traffic no extra cost .The Placement Meister Software Allows You To Create Extremely Focused, Laser-targeted Campaigns On Googles Content Network. And Get Clicks As Cheap As 0.01$ CPC. The Complete Solution To Placement Targeting Automation. Includes an integrated Campaign Builder.

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